Monday, June 14, 2010

Venom Energy

It should not be a surprise, that after drinking 16.9 fl oz of "Killer Taipan Venom Energy + Mango" at 10:00 pm that I slept poorly. I was able to paint half a page (a weasel and a gopher), as well as listen to roughly 3 hours of theological exposition on the Olivet Discourse (which makes me kind of want to read Josephus's historical writings). Around 2 a.m. I thought it best that I go to sleep since I had work in the morning, but that turned out easier said than done. I have never found it so difficult to go to sleep in my life. My mind was racing, trying to solve the problem of cutting down the pages of the book, deciding whether my new hatchet could possibly be effective against a grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone (my answer was "no"), and thinking of all kinds of questions and topics I felt I needed to Google at 3, 4, and 5 a.m. (though I resisted the urges). I got up so many times my cat was confused (is it morning already?), and I realized that I could have worked on into the night (and even considered turning my computer back on to work some more). Little noises like a paper bag crackling from breezy ceiling fan gusts and my guinea pigs moving around in their cages woke me, and I felt itchy.
I think that if I ever drink another one of those things again, it will have to be either much earlier in the day or with the intention of pulling an all-nighter. Not simply for keeping myself up late. Maybe I should have only drank half the can...

That said, here are my most recent designs for our tropical brand:

That boring frond print I said I wouldn't post (oh well),

And The parrot print I mentioned on Friday.

Keep in mind - every single shirt design I create is required to utilize no more than eight colors. It can be quite a challenge! Especially when those colors cannot be "blended" (though I can use a spray airbrush tool to fake such an effect - as long as the dots are large enough).

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