Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buffalo Minotaur

Decided to participate in a little art challenge at one of my favorite artist websites to draw a minotaur based on a bison (buffalo) rather than the usual bull. I thought I'd do something a bit more creative than the usual axe-wielding fantasy warrior brute, and came up with this:

It was fun to do and might even end up on a calendar amidst several other local Kansas City artists (thanks, Duane!). At work I've been painting horses mainly, which are a bit more difficult for me than deer and take more time. I wasn't really the little girl who drew horses all over her homework as a kid. Mostly dragons, dogs, and monsters. And weird stuff. Though horses were a recurring theme, they were not a serious pursuit. Most looked something like this:

I'm not even positive that blue one is a horse.

Anyway, I will see about uploading my horse shirt design soonish, as well as anything else I may have created between last post and now.