Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slow Progress and Green Beans

Ah, finally finished my Monday page on Thursday. Hoping to catch up somehow over the weekend. At work I completed a boring frond print that I won't bother to post, and a parrot which I will post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my tiny garden has produced some edible vegetables and I was able to eat a single serving of fresh green beans. They were very tasty, and it made me happy to snap them because it reminded me of my childhood when we would sit in front of the TV and snap loads of beans for my mother to can. To me, canning is like using cloth diapers though - the effort and discomfort dwarfs the savings you earn by doing it. It was fun to watch her though...pushing all the bubbles out with a butter knife along the sides, lifting out big jars from a giant steaming pot to line up on the counter top, and hoping they all seal. Good times.

We are flying my mother here at the end of July for her birthday. Should be fun. Perhaps I will plan a cake for her.


  1. Ha ha, I haven't even been able to plant my beans yet. It's been far too cold! We had a little snow the other day.

    And I'll disagree with you about the canning and the cloth diapers. I'm doing both this summer, though part of why I'm doing it is necessity. I can't afford approx. $20 a week on diapers right now. :-P I actually like the process of canning and then being able to enjoy what I canned at a later date. I still have a little bit of raspberry jam from last summer in my fridge.

  2. Hey that's cool. I think one of the reasons I remember canning being such a task is that my mother had to do it in the heat of the summer in humid Arkansas when boiling all those jars made our little kitchen stifling. I also recall her being frustrated that she couldn't get them all to seal. As for cloth diapers, I understand - for us also it was more out of necessity. My Mom used cloth diapers on all five of us! Saved the environment a lot of dump space.