Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Update

Okay so it's been a while since I updated, so I have a lot of work to post! Making jpegs is the last thing I do when I complete a project, so I am only now catching up.

First are what my boss likes to call "etchings." Detailed inkings basically, that print very nicely. I've noticed that even when the colors are sloppy or off, the black always looks crisp and clear, so these should come out brilliant:

Also my boss has grown fond of this faded colored shield design, so I created several originals following that format, and my sister faded them for me:

You may also notice one of them is "etched" as a transition between the two themes. The unfaded deer mount on a shield may also yet be modified.

I was also asked to create some new original camouflage (specifically timber camo) and did so, though it is still being edited. However, these two camo plus deer patterns have been given the go-ahead:

More good news is I've finally stumbled across some of my work in the real world. Check out the Panama Jack T-shirts at Walgreens. The parrots are mine! They look like this:

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